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Unlocking Success with IELTS & PTE Centre

Unlocking Success with IELTS & PTE Centre

Hi there! If you are reading this blog, most probably, you’ve made up your mind for IELTS preparation. My name is Suroj Moktan Tamang and I’m the Academic Head alongside IELTS Incharge at the IELTS & PTE Centre- ICCC, the academic wing of the International Career Counselling Centre- ICCC. ICCC is an education consultancy that specializes in Study in Canada and PR applications only.

Suroj Moktan Tamang

In this huge pool of hundreds of IELTS institutes, self-proclaiming IELTS & PTE Centre- ICCC as the best academic hub for IELTS preparation would be an over statement. However, I will be talking about how my institute- IELTS & PTE Centre- ICCC is one of the best, if not one of a kind.

We were first established as a learning centre at Chabahil in August 2023, marking a significant milestone in serving IELTS and PTE aspirants from the periphery of Boudha, Jorpati, Kapan, Mulpani, Mitrapark, Gaushala, Maharajgunj and Chabahil itself. Overwhelming number of both IELTS and PTE aspirants and their success stood as the living testament of our quality academic excellence. Subsequently, with a huge number of demands, accumulated at the head office, we then had to establish the latest office at the 8th Floor of the Putalihub Building at Putalisadak crossroads. Ever since our foundation, we have been able to curate excellent scores in IELTS. Thanks to my academic team that comprises of the most helpful Front Desk Officer Ms. Arya Poudel, PTE Incharge Ms. Sucharika Mahat who is an ideal top scorer (90) in the PTE test and myself. I have been through the IELTS test twice and was able to score 9 in each band skill.

Thanks to my previous experience of teaching in various international middle and high schools, I have been able to integrate the ethos of academic fusion with IELTS preparation at the IELTS & PTE Centre- ICCC. Now, I will list and briefly discuss 12 different strengths of our institute. After carefully reading and empathizing with the emotions I convey while typing these attributes of our academic center, you may want to visit and experience it too.

Expertise and Experience

Ask yourself this question, “How may I get help from my tutor who themselves are at Band 7 or 8?” I mean no hate or pun intended but it’s the fact. How can an average person guide you to a score as close to as theirs or higher than their level? Get your IELTS done with an expert who has proven skills and also crafted plethora of success stories. In my last 4 years of IELTS teaching career, I have guided more than twelve hundred students and about a dozen and a half were international students who hailed from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and Kenya. I’m also the Founder and Online F2F IELTS Trainer at Exquisite Learning in Nepal- ELiN. You can know more at www.elin-ielts.com.

Customised Study Plan

With years of training a thousand of aspirants, I too have crafted several skills through trial and error, and one of them is designing custom study plan. I have been able to prepare my own curriculum that we use in all academic outlets of ICCC throughout the country. Each week is designated for a specific skill and there is a lesson plan for each class too. The lesson plan is accommodated by PowerPoint presentation that includes all tasks to explain and let the learners know regarding IELTS skills. In this way, no task is left unexplored and the most important thing is the implementation of the lesson plans. In 90 minutes of each class, aspirants get to implicate the hands- on experience right away of what they have been taught in the class. In this way, the outcomes are immediately visible.

IELTS PTE Customised Study Plan

Comprehensive Study Materials

The study materials which are used in the class and sent for home assignment are crafted, investing months and months of time. The “ICCC Ultimate Guide to IELTS” is our very IELTS guide book that helps all aspirants get genuine idea of IELTS.

Interactive Learning Environment

Thanks to previous exposure to international teaching methodology in some of the most progressive schools in the capital city, I have learnt that the class should not be mundane, rather be interactive, where both the students and teacher get to know each other and make the teaching-learning experience comfortable. The 90 minute of time frame for each slot enables a smooth teaching-learning activity.

Regular Feedback and Progress Tracking

I use WhatsApp group and all students are in their respective groups. My students send their home assignments, confused questions and let me know what they are struggling whilst practising at home in the very platform. Hence, the process of practising and providing feedback goes in a continuous cycle. I also record every home assignment submission in a spreadsheet file. Hence, the progress is visible.

Student- Centric Teaching Methodology

Now, this one is pretty debatable. I’m not going to claim that my teaching style is the best one because there is no best teaching style, as it has to be understood in a relative manner. What I can assure is that all aspirants in class get to speak and just in case anyone is found to be reluctant, I ease them and I’m lucky in this sense as well that I always get students who are friendly and help those type of introverts to open up. Sometimes, the biggest surprises come in such packages.

Small Class Size

Straight fact. We have peaceful environment. The FDO assists in all admin stuff. We also have Study Park where students can recess and practice in calm setting, stuffed with resourceful books. The whole place is well ventilated and lighted. And, I accommodate 20 students at a time in a single slot.

IELTS Small Sized class in Nepal


There are 5 slots a day. Be it that you’re a morning bird, a daytime dove, or an evening owl, we have five slots and you can find your comfortable timing and be here. One more thing, I chase one specific lesson plan for one specific day as per my strict curriculum sequence. That means, if you’re someone who is supposed to be at 07:00 in the morning but due to some reasons, you couldn’t make it then you can join the other slots of your comfort. You just need to inform in advance in WhatsApp group. But bear in mind, if you miss a day, you need to wait for a complete 5 week of time for me to reach at the same station where you dropped off.

Continuous Evolution

Yes, we’re not rigid. We take continuous feedback and reviews from you. I along with my team mates will join in casual conversations and formal counselling sittings where we take in your words. We thrive from your viewpoints. So, you mould us.

Reputation and Reviews

We enjoy showering in your love and support. You can check out reviews on social media and Google of our IELTS success testimonials.

Success Rate

Provided that the IELTS aspirants like you pay an equal amount of dedication during the IELTS preparatory phase, the success rate is 100%. We aim for 7+ all the time.

IELTS Score in Nepal

Additional Support Services

We are the academic wing to International Career Counselling Centre- ICCC. ICCC is an education consultancy dedicated to study and PR application in Canada only. We are the leading institute in the field of Canada Study. Hence, you can start your Canada Study Aspiration with IELTS or PTE right here with us and then apply for the Visa with full confidence. Count on us- ICCC.

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